Counselling from the Heart

Counselling from the Heart

The Art of Being with People

This training in counselling skills is a profound educational training for professionals and laymen to learn how to reveal the deepest essence in the person you work with, and help unveil their hidden potential. It creates a climate for love, psychological healing and spiritual awakening in both the counselor and the client.

This training is using the insights of modern psychology to move beyond the psychological framework, beyond the mind, uncovering the being.

It includes teachings, self exploration, meditation and practicing of sessions under supervision. It supports meditation, love, consciousness and the highest potential of every human being.

As a counsellor you can only share, what you have understood and realized yourself. This training not only teaches you how to be with clients, but is also a deep transformative process for yourself.

This training is open to Counsellors, Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses, Business Consultants, Teachers, Body Workers, Massage Therapists, Aura-Soma Therapists, Meditation Teachers, Healers and everyone deeply interested in their own unfolding.

The training includes:

Self exploration as the Counsellor:

  • Meditation
  • Awareness and centering
  • Grounding
  • Self acceptance
  • Finding the connection with one’s own heart
  • Listening through the heart
  • Communication through the heart
  • Being in the present
  • Responding to the moment out of one’s source
  • Working out of emptiness
  • Exploring Synchronicity
  • Working in Synchronicity
  • Accessing one’s intuition
  • Recognizing one’s own issues while counselling
  • Learning to love one’s blind spots
  • Moving in and out of relationship
  • Recognizing one’s own projections

Client oriented skills:

  • Learning and exploring the layers of the mind
  • Learning and exploring the “anatomy of psychological pain”
  • Learning and exploring the “alchemy of acceptance and transformation”
  • Bridging psychological problems with awareness of underlying energy patterns
  • Freeing the resources of the client to solve his/her own problems
  • Basic NLP and communication skills
  • Establishing rapport with the client
  • Pacing and leading
  • Communication in the appropriate language pattern
  • Awareness of counsellor – Client relationship
  • Learning and resolving relationship patterns
  • Working with projection
  • Identifying and clarifying the client’s issue
  • Identifying the client’s attitude to his/her issue
  • Difficult client situations
  • Learning basic Energy Reading Skills

“The greatest gift that one can give as counsellor, is the willingness to be with what is, loving, uncompromising, open, unvavering, grateful, present. Once one has found this simple secret within oneself, it can be shared. Truth already is, there is nothing to change, nothing to fix or improve, nothing missing. Being totally with what is allows a natural unfolding and deepening of awareness. In that light problems are not solved but dissolve,change happens effortlessly. Love, peace and freedom is rediscovered as one’s natural state. Making this understanding available is true counselling.”Rahasya

At the end of the training the participant will receive a certificate of completion. 


No words can express the depth we all reached during this week. I have attended many workshops in my time, have reached many levels of the same issues, but I don’t think I had reached anywhere near the level I reached this time.  This time I think I have really cracked the nut and feel that the light has entered and showed up the shadows for what they really are.- JUST SHADOWS.

A Counselling from the Heart Participant

Felicia, Therapist, Perth


What is Counselling from the Heart?

It is the Art of Being with people in any situation and initiate a deep healing on many levels

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