Dr. Rahasya
Fritjof Kraft

Physician, Spiritual Teacher and Author
Rahasya is a mystic, physician, spiritual teacher and author who has been working with people for more than 33 years. Meeting his master, Osho in 1980 revolutionized his life and led to a deep understanding of his being. Rahasya's teaching is simple, profound and deeply transformative.
Rahasya practiced as a general physician in Germany for 8 years, including Acupuncture, Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in his work.
A meeting with the spiritual master Osho in 1980 opened him to meditation, spiritual therapy and mysticism. He was educated in Germany, France, the USA and India, where he lived and worked for 10 years at the Osho Multiversity in Poona as a spiritual therapist and later as director of the Osho School of Mysticism.
His training and work experience include a vast variety of therapeutic methods such as Counselling, Primal Therapy, Encounter, Breath, Ericsonian Hypnosis, Tantra, Aura-Soma, Esoteric Sciences, Readings and Energy Work.
In 1999 Rahasya had a profound awakening experience that changed his perception of reality and his approach to therapy. He began to hold satsang and retreats in addition to the trainings in “Counselling from the Heart-The Art of BEING with People”, “The Seven Doors to Awakened Consciousness”, "The Art of Love and Intimacy, Tantra Alchemy for Couples" and other courses that he holds worldwide.
His book “Avalanches and Awakening- Free you pain into Love” was published in 2003.
At present Rahasya lives in Australia. He shares his love, humour, light and insights in his courses, satsangs, workshops and retreats worldwide.
And ready to make your life be what you always wanted it to be!

How Rahasya's Work Can Benefit You

Living the life you dream of, living Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance and Freedom
Rahasya's work in all its approaches is preparing the ground for a radical shift in consciousness. We call it awakening or realizing one's true nature. Awakening is not something that the ego can achieve, it is the realization of who we really are beyond the ego structure. Awakening means, that that which is intrinsic in us, call it consciousness, freedom, awareness, love, presence, the divine or spirit, that which never can be named really, but is more real that our egoic mind, awakens to itself.
It is a dramatic shift in our perception of reality.
Through this shift we realign to the true source of our life, which is the source of abundance, love, fulfillment, joy and presence. All what we try to achieve as a human being is realized as being already here, available to live through us in everyday life.

As global consciousness rises, more and more people experience this shift in perception and recognize the oneness of all things.

In Rahasya's courses we take a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and create a space, in which silence and presence to the moment put us into the right climate to become receptive to the infinite source of the universe, to grace and fulfillment.
All courses include specific meditation techniques, deep self enquiry and satsang, as well as unique explorations that will support us in preparing for a radical shift in our perception of reality. Just one glimpse of the inner sky will make the walls of our sense of separation crumble and fall, revealing our true essence. A new power is felt, the power of presence, the power of creation, the power of love.

Rahasya's book

Avalanches and Awakening

Free your Pain into Love
Excerpt of Miten's introduction to Rahasya's book:

....This book is full of great stories and wise counselings, all related to Rahasya's personal quest to find himself.
He's a teacher who has taught and worked with several thousand people around the globe, but he'd probably tell you he knows nothing.
And if that seems like a paradox, read on.
Here's a teacher who lives his teachings.
Here's a man who walks his talk.
Here's a man who's heart is bursting with the sound of sweet laughter.
Here's a humble man who commands the respect of a prince.
When I'm around him, I feel easy and right...I feel seen...heard...appreciated.
Just for being the human being I am.
And this is the greatest gift a friend can give a friend.
Acceptance and love, for no other reason...even if you're a couch potato.
He loves you!
Read this book.
Share it with friends.
It is a light in these troubled times.
It brings a balance to the darkness that is around us.
It is a reminder that we can make a difference.
Take a little courage from Rahasya's memoirs, let them seep in.
Let his story and his teachings inspire you like they have me.
I promise you, you have one amazing journey ahead!
..and don't forget to pack your parachute.