The Art of Love and Intimacy, A Partnership in Love and Meditation for Couples

The Art of Love and Intimacy, A Partnership in Love and Meditation for Couples

is the continuation of the sacred exploration to support couples on their journey towards love, intimacy and wholeness.

It is a gentle re-education in sex and love and, for some perhaps, it may be a very first introduction into Tantra, into making love a meditation.

We seem to carry many beliefs, ideas, dreams and hopes around sex that we have adopted from the examples of our parents and peers, movies and books. We believe we have to please and satisfy the other and work towards a good climax. We use sex as a means to reach an end, incapable of relishing the depth of each moment.

The Art of Love and Intimacy supports the partners to move from habits, expectations and ideas into the discovery of love, presence and energy now.

It is an invitation to discover and rediscover the sexual energy between lovers, not only to make sex more pleasant and ecstatic, but also to use it as a powerful healing force and source for love and transformation.

Man and woman naturally are living in different polarities. These create attraction and also lead to most of the difficulties in relationship. The polarities are manifested in the flow of energy between the chakras (energy centers of body electricity). Due to past negative experiences this natural flow is resisted, thus leading to fight and struggle. In unawareness we limit our love life to fixed contracts. Our sex life stays repetitive, we become goal oriented and miss the beauty of a fulfilling moment to moment unfolding of our lovemaking.

In The Art of Love and Intimacy a sacred atmosphere is created where man and woman can come together in meditation and love. They learn to relax into their natural polarity, so that the energy flow easily finds its way into deeper and deeper layers of being. As the partners become more alert and responsive to who they are, and live it, they can become deeply receptive to each other. They together can move through energy blocks, expectations and old patterns into a moment to moment rejoicing of the downs and ups in the waves of their energy dance. They become healers for each other.

A dramatic shift happens from the doing attitude in sex towards “Being”. A deep and nourishing let go and surrender to the openings of love brings peaks of joy and valleys of deep peace. They are equally welcome, as both become a door to remembering the eternal timeless consciousness of who we are.

Different Love Keys will support us on our journey:

  • Opening to the heart
  • Moving in synchronicity
  • Love meditation
  • Exploring the Chakra map in relation to lovemaking and relating
  • Understanding the layers of the mind and its pitfalls, staying open in Hell
  • The woman’s home
  • The man’s home
  • Receptivity
  • Breath Awareness
  • Communication in presence
  • Deep relaxation in the love act
  • Expansion versus ejaculation
  • The peak and valley orgasm
  • Refinement of the senses
  • Devotion and love
  • The circle of love
  • Opening the inner flute

This course is a gift for every couple that likes to open to new dimensions of love and truth and embrace relationship as a path of awakening.

In Tantra Alchemy we respectfully explore Tantric wisdom and exercises in the group room and then send the lovers to their rooms to deepen their experience in lovemaking.


This was for now the most beautiful experience of my life. even though the mind is still a little confused, my heart and belly have come home, full of love, gratitude, stillness, being at ease. I cannot describe everything, yet it is so beautiful to discover myself in a completely new way…
A Tantra Participant

A Tantra Participant


In the Being of my Heart tears of gratitude are flowing. I have awakened to a deep connection with everything. I am home in gratitude, I am in love with all.

A Tantra Participant

A Tantra Participant


“Rahasya is a gift to the world. He has so much to teach couples about love, grace and acceptance. He works on many subtle but profound levels. You leave his course open-hearted and ready to further open your arms to more love, more self-acceptance, more understanding and more flow in your life.”

With much love and appreciation

a Tantra Participant

a Tantra Participant



Do I have to be naked amongst others?

No, In some explorations you will be naked under a sheet, nobody else will see you.

Do I have to interact with other partners?

No. The group is for you and your beloved, so that you can go deeper with each other and enjoy and strengthen your connection and love with each other. There is no changing of partners,  all exercises happen only between the two of you.

Is this event available for homosexual couples, lesbians or gays?

No, unfortunately not. This specific Tantric approach Rahasya is offering is based on the polarity of male and female energies, physically and energetically.

Will there be sex happening in the group room?

No, we will explore Tantric wisdom and exercises in the group room and then the partners are encouraged to go to their private room to explore these insights during a love meditation.

What if I have an issue around sexual abuse?

We advise you to work with a therapist if you want to address this issue in depth. Tantra Alchemy can in itself become a beautiful possibility for healing sexual abuse, when the initial trauma has been dealt with. In the course a gentle and safe space is provided to meet anything that arises in loving consciousness.

What if I have my period?

It is part of the natural cycle and not a hindrance for the course.

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