An Article about Rahasya and his training Counselling from the Heart:

An Article about Rahasya and his training Counselling from the Heart:

The following is an article that the Aura-Soma Academy in England has published for Living Energies to say a little about Rahasya and his work.

Rahasya (Dr. Fritjof Kraft) is German, born in Switzerland and originally studied Medicine. He worked as a medical doctor for 8 years, first in hospitals and then for 3 years in his own general practice in Germany. Already in his student years he was travelling a lot, he went to India for the first time in 1971. As a spiritual seeker he got acquainted with many different cultures and traditions, studied the Sufis in Turkey, the Tibetan Buddhists in Nepal and Tibet and the Hindu Tradition in India. In 1980 he met the spiritual Master Osho in Poona, India, and got initiated into Sannyas and Meditation. At that time Osho had gathered many of the best therapists from around the world in his commune to experiment with the possibility to use therapy as a tool to prepare the ground for meditation. His vision was to bridge the East and the West, and help people benefit from the wisdom of both parts of the world. Rahasya spent a full year in Asia and studied many different Meditation techniques. He then returned to Germany and opened his medical practice in Meinhard. There he used many alternative healing methods like Acupuncture, Hypnosis and Breath therapy to help his patients heal. After many years of education and trainings in Counselling, Group dynamics, Primal Therapy, Breath Therapy, Encounter, Hypnosis and NLP, Tantra, Esoteric Sciences, Energywork and Aura-Soma, he gave up his medical practice in 1985 to be able to run his own groups and trainings.

From 1987 to 1997 he lived and worked mainly at the Osho Multiversity in Poona, India, where he was teaching in the advanced counselling training and co-created the trainings “Beyond Psychology” and “The Art of Inner Alchemy”. Here he spent 6 months of winter, and the rest of the year he traveled to the workshops around the world. From 1995 to 1997 he was the Director of the Osho School of Mysticism in Poona, India. Together with his partner Nura who has introduced him to this wonderful colour healing system as an Aura-Soma teacher, he is organising and leading adventure tours combined with meditation such as Trekking in Nepal and Tibet, Skiing in Switzerland and Sailing in Greece. Rahasya and Nura now live in Australia and help develop a big Meditation, Therapy and Healing Centre near Byron Bay, New South Wales, and travel to Europe and Japan for trainings in counselling skills and other courses. Over the years Rahasya’s work has changed and developed considerably. Due to his vast experience in so many different fields, Rahasya has developed a very unique, simple and effective way of working and teaching. The Training in Counselling Skills for example is not imparting a lot of knowledge over the head but is a step by step experimental experience in which learning happens as a side effect. From watching himself when he was working with clients or in a group, Rahasya created simple structures, in which understanding happens through experience. The following aspects are covered in Rahasya’s work:

Non Intrusion: One of the main features of a good counsellor is his/her state of being and where he/she comes from when he/she gives a consultation. The moment the counsellor wants to change the client or in any way feels that the client is wrong, intrusion is happening, maybe “just” on an energy level, but as we know, energies can affect us very strongly. No client who comes into a session, be it counselling or Aura Soma, wants to feel wrong, or wants to be intruded. Rahasya therefore brings a lot of attention to the state of being of the counsellor and helps the consultant to find this meditative space of being present, non judgmental and centered in the heart before he/she starts the session. As Aura-Soma is a “non intrusive soul therapy”, where the client in choosing his/her bottles finds his/her own healing remedies, this approach can be supported immensely through the awareness and meditativeness of the consultant. We all are so allergic against intrusion, since as a child we have been intruded so many times, all of course in the name of love. Most of our education was geared to change ourselves, improve ourselves and become…. “Becoming” has become a major disease, and “being” was left behind. So deep down we have developed a belief that we are wrong, and we often have the feeling of unworthiness. We even often intrude into and manipulate our own energy and do not listen to the deeper wisdom within. Healing can only happen if we get the space to discover who we are, in a loving, open, caring, non intrusive environment. If a gardener is impatient and intrusive with one of his plants in the nursery and starts pulling the plant upwards, so that it should grow faster, what happens? Eventually the plant dies…

Transmission: Those of us who have participated in a course with Mike Booth may have noticed a phenomenon that we could call transmission. While we all were busy taking notes and trying to get what Mike was saying, something inside became more and more light, clear and loving, despite of the minds almost going bananas. Mike was transmitting a certain energy vibration, and everyone picked it up on a deeper level than the intellect. The same experience might have happened for you with another Aura-Soma teacher. This training is introducing the possibility of working through transmission by helping participants to recognize and utilize a state of energy inside themselves. The participant not only hears what is being said but experiences the reality and vibration behind the words.

Language patterns: In German there is a saying: “Wie man in den Wald ruft, so schallt es heraus” which could be translated into: “The way you call into the forest, that way it sounds back from the forest”. So it seems very important to be aware of the kind of language we use when we talk to people, also in a session. The language needs to be congruent to the space we want to transmit, and also “non intrusive” but allowing. In his training Rahasya is teaching the basics in verbal Communication, NLP and Hypnosis, to give the participant simple and effective tools for verbal expression.

Awareness of Issue: In a consultation or counselling session what seems to be most important is to find out what the client’s issue is, so that there is a clarity of what to look at or where the healing can happen. If the client is confused, which is often the case, otherwise there might be not so much reason to seek help from a therapist, it is crucial for the counsellor to help identify and clarify the client’s issue. As we know from ourselves, even if we know our issue we often do not know how to approach it or solve it. Rahasya is teaching a step by step possibility to bring awareness into the context in which we relate to our issue:

1. Are we aware of it?

2. Do we have a “yes” or a “no” to it, do we accept it?

3. Are we identified with it?

4. Do we take responsibility for it or are we being victimized

5. Is our issue part of a projection, including another person, which brings in relationship patterns?

6. Do we maybe carry a past life memory that creates this issue in this life?

Bridging psychological problem to awareness of energy patterns: The modern physicists have realized that everything is energy, even matter is energy. Aura-Soma works with energy through colours, the vibration of plants and gemstones. Why should a psychological problem not also be just an energy pattern in our subtle anatomy? In his education as therapist Rahasya has started with learning the psychological approach and later extensively explored the subtle anatomy of the seven chakras and subtle bodies. He is teaching a beautiful method to create a bridge from one to the other and help dissolve and heal “problem states” on an energy level through The Alchemy of Transformation The “Alchemy of Transformation” is a whole process originating from the heart that opens a door to acceptance, responsibility, love and understanding. It explores hypocrisy and the ideals that we have about ourselves versus who we really are on and energy level. Just as the Aura-Soma Colour Healing supports the light and the potential of the client, the “Alchemy of Transformation” works through bringing light and love into everything that is.

Exploring existential understanding versus intellectual understanding: We all know that when we have tried to understand something intellectually, nothing changes. But when this certain click happens, this feeling of aha deep inside, things change by themselves, simply because of the space that opens when true understanding happens. This space can be explored as a state of being inside of us.

Counsellor – Client relationship: When 2 people meet, for example during an individual session, a certain relationship is created. It is very important for the therapist to recognize the type of relationship that is happening between him/her and the client, so that he/she will not get involved or manipulated into undesired situations. It is important to become aware of power- and co-dependency issues on the side of the counsellor as well as of the client, and use the “Alchemy of Acceptance” to be able to move on. A loving awareness of what is can more than enough to allow healing to happen.

Learning basic energy reading skills: As an Aura-Soma consultant we already give our clients a certain kind of reading, when we decode the bottles they have chosen. As we know from many psychics, energy readings can be done without any help of Aura-Soma bottles or other tools, simply by tuning in. In this training Rahasya is teaching a simple method of atonement that enables the participant to “read” the heart energy of the client and gather more information that can become available to the client.

Difficult client situations: There is no such thing as a difficult client, so let us call them “interesting “clients instead. For those of us who have been working with people before, we are aware that some clients are a real challenge to our love and acceptance as consultants. Recognizing these challenges and becoming aware of our responses and limitations are crucial. In a playful and humorous way Rahasya indicates a few possibilities of how to respond to an interesting client in different specifically “interesting” situations. Since each of topics mentioned above can be a deep exploration per se, this training is like an inspiration to bring light into so many possibilities and open many doors for more specific studies. The training includes teaching, self exploration, meditation and practicing of sessions under supervision. At the end of the training the participant will receive a certificate of completion.