Life Mastery Training 1 & 2

Life Mastery Training 1 & 2

A Transmission for Healing and Awakening

with Rahasya 

When you are tired of living a life based on fear, 

when you still find yourself hoping for a better moment later, struggling with what is now, running in circles,

when you are failing to escape the unescapable,

in short, when you have come to an end of your strategies and find your mind tired and exhausted of all the striving for a better sense of self, then you are very close to the ultimate understanding:

“You are not the mind, neither its dark sides nor its bright sides, you are not the body, you are not who you believed to be, you are limitless consciousness, part of one existence. You are truth, you are love, you are freedom.” ~ Rahasya

This training is taught in 2 parts, and it is highly recommended to participate in both parts, even though each part is a course complete in itself.

Part I: The Ruthless Truth: These 5 days are designed to put you on the spot, face and expose your deepest fears and sufferings and see them for what they really are: mere shadows hiding your true essence. You will find that there is no need to avoid anything in your inner experience of life. Every situation becomes a door for liberation. This course is complete in itself.

Part II: Living from the Source: As our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, reality and life are seen for what they are, we can clearly recognize that who we thought we are is only a conditioned collection of thoughts and beliefs – unreal. Underneath these we can connect to the deeper source of life that is in its nature conscious, abundant, creative, present, loving and free. This course is also complete in itself.

In this intensive training you can rediscover wholeness, peace and harmony even in the most challenging life situations. You become the master of your life.

The Life Mastery Training alternates between teaching and deep processes. It includes the wisdom of color and light through Aura-Soma, specific meditation techniques, satsang (direct meetings in the truth of this moment), direct transmissions of truth and presence as well as explorations in nature, all in the supportive field of people coming together for inner growth.

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