Heart Meditation with Rahasya, The Healing Heart


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The Healing Heart Meditation guides you into the depth of the heart and then uses the recognition of the limitless inner universe for healing of all suffering. The transformation of suffering begins with yourself and then extends to all beings in deep compassion.
Atisha, an ancient Tibetan master has discovered this transformative function of the heart.
Osho comments on Atisha’s teachings “The seven points of mind training” in his book “The Book of Wisdom”.

To enjoy these meditations please put 35-40min of your time aside, create a sacred space in your room that you only use for meditation, light a candle or burn an incense and enjoy. It is helpful to practice daily.

To start getting familiar with the heart and the inner world, it is recommended to follow the “Silent Heart Meditation” for at least 3 weeks. Once you get a sense of resting in the limitlessness of your being, you can proceed to the “Healing Heart” Meditation and allow compassion, healing and peace to fill you.

Full guided meditation including silence 28:59