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This book has two major parts. Part one is an autobiography. Part two, Teaching for Life, relates to the processes that Rahasya works with. The second part cannot be read just like a manual. It needs to be chewed, digested and absorbed in the heart. It wants to touch, challenge, provoke and support you to become more conscious.
The writings on Counseling from the Heart can be used as a workbook for those who have participated or will be participating in that training.
The book as a whole is an attempt to share what Rahasya has found and make it available, in the hope that some angle or illustration may be helpful and supportive on your journey towards self realization.

Rahasya says “Find out and discover whether what I say is true or not. If you find it to be true, then it is not because I say it. It is true because you recognize the same truth inside of yourself. Unless you recognize it inside, I would suggest that you don’t believe a word of what I am saying.
May we all discover our true being! Byron Bay, 8th of August 2003 Yours in love and truth,

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Rahasya’s book, Avalanches and Awakening

I have to say, it hasn’t been easy to write an introduction to a book by someone whose energy and zest for life makes me feel like the ultimate couch potato.
Of course, this is not Rahasya’s intention.
But his life has been so full and so blessed.
He was climbing mountains in Switzerland at 5 years old, he
drove overland to India as a teenager, he sailed his fathers’ boat around the Greek islands when he was no more than 18 years, he has guided hundreds of group participants safely through the dizzying heights of the Himalayas, he became a surgeon and walked away from the ‘job of a lifetime’ because he knew he had to follow his heart, which was saying: ‘travel…seek’… He has looked into the face of death so many times that they’ve become the best of friends… He has no fear, and he has shared his wisdom unceasingly.
His gift is simply to share his gift.
In this way, a circle of energy is created and I suspect this is
his life-blood…his passion, this sharing of the heart.
He ignites us with his love and his simple joy of Being.
So, I have a choice: Couch potato, or inspired reader. I choose the latter.
This book is full of great stories and wise counselings, all related to Rahasya’s personal quest to find himself.
He’s a teacher who has taught and worked with several thousand people around the globe, but he’d probably tell you he knows nothing.
And if that seems like a paradox, read on.
Here’s a teacher who lives his teachings.
Here’s a man who walks his talk.
Here’s a man who’s heart is bursting with the sound of sweet laughter.
Here’s a humble man who commands the respect of a prince.
When I’m around him, I feel easy and right…I feel seen…heard…appreciated.
Just for being the human being I am.
And this is the greatest gift a friend can give a friend. Acceptance and love, for no other reason…even if you’re a couch potato.
He loves you!
Read this book.
Share it with friends.
It is a light in these troubled times.
It brings a balance to the darkness that is around us.
It is a reminder that we can make a difference.
Take a little courage from Rahasya’s memoirs,
let them seep in.
Let his story and his teachings inspire you like they have me. I promise you, you have one amazing journey ahead!
..and don’t forget to pack your parachute.


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